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HOMEGATE workshop set for April 20-21 in London

HOMEGATE, the Broadband Home Gateway birds-of-a-feather group (BoF) formed at the 76th IETF meeting, will hold a workshop in London April 20-21, and is asking would-be participants to indicate their likely attendance here so that arrangements can be made for a venue.    Remote options for participating are promised, so the early RSVP applies to those intending to attend in person.

The group focuses on access to broadband Internet services, which use networking technology in the home, small office/home office (SOHO) or small to medium business (SMB).  The group’s draft charter has been focused and coordinated with other Standards Development Organizations “to ensure that the planned work is complimentary and not overlapping with their respective work.”

The effort’s wiki notes:

….many serious, long-term problems face users of home gateways today. At the root of many of these problems is the fact that device manufacturers, and/or the organizations that specify requirements for such devices, are not certain which IETF standards and best current practices should be supported, and when/why that support is needed. As a result of this, millions of devices are being deployed every year, which do not work with important IETF protocols, standards, and best practices that are central to the future of the Internet.

DNSSEC is among the IETF standards to be included in the group’s deliberations. Sign up here for the group’s mailing list for further announcements.

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