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Schmidt: DNSSEC among “important steps forward”

Computer Weekly asked some cybersecurity leaders to comment on whether a single organization was needed to assure the security of the Internet.  Howard Schmidt, the  former president and CEO of the Information Security Forum who has been named cybersecurity coordinator by U.S. President Barack Obama, noted:

“…we are seeing some important steps forward. Technologies such as the DNS Security Extensions DNSSEC, SSL and PGP encryption along with standards such as PCI DSS are making it safer for us all to use the Internet.”

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ICANN releases DNSSEC policy and practices

ICANN releases DNSSEC policy and practices: The latest version of ICANN’s DNSSEC Policy and Practice Statement for the root-zone key-signing key operator, codifying practices for management and issuing of DNS keys in keeping with U.S. Department of Commerce requirements, as well as other documents related to DNSSEC in the root can be found at the root-dnssec documentation page.


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