Below is the program from the session The Deployment Diaries: DNSSEC in U.S. Federal Systems and Beyond given at FOSE, Wednesday, July 20, 2011:

10:00 am: Welcome and Opening Remarks

W. Douglas Maughan, Cyber Security Division Director, Science and Technology Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

DNSSEC in US Federal Systems

Andy Ozment, Director for Federal Information Security Policy, White House National Security Council

10:20 am: DNS-2 Where does DNSSEC Deployment stand in .gov? A status update

OMB and FISMA require DNSSEC deployment. How does your agency’s deployment stack up against other federal sites? A status report on what .gov has accomplished and what remains to be done.

Presented by:

•Doug Montgomery (Moderator), National Institute of Standards and Technology

Lee Ellis, General Services Administration

 The Gov Domain

Earl Crane, Department of Homeland Security
Sean Donelon, Department of Homeland Security

Where does DNSSEC stand in .Gov

Scott Rose, National Institute of Standards and Technology

 The State of DNSSEC in .Gov

11:15 am: DNS-3: Private Sector Deployment in .com, .net, .org and Beyond

Lessons government IT managers can learn from other sectors and countries’ deployment of DNSSEC.

Presented by:

Doug Montgomery (Moderator), National Institute of Standards and Technology
Rodney Joffe, Neustar

DNSSEC Deployment

Matt Larson, VeriSign

VeriSign DNSSEC Deployment Update

Simon McCalla, Nominet

DNSSEC Deployment in .UK

Lance Wolak, Public Interest Registry

 .ORG Moving Forward

12:00 pm: DNS-4: The Drive to Validation: Real-life Lessons

Lessons on what to plan for, and what happens when enterprises start validating DNSSEC responses.

Presented by:

Chris Griffiths, Comcast

The Drive to Validation

Scott Rose, National Institute of Standards and Technology

 DNSSEC and FISMA Update

12:25 pm: DNS-5: What to Ask Vendors about DNSSEC

When choosing hardware or software solutions to deploy DNSSEC, here’s what NIST experts recommend you look for, and ask about.

Presented by:

Scott Rose, National Institute of Standards and Technology

What to Ask Vendors about DNSSEC

2:00 pm: DNS-6: Beyond Infrastructure: Emerging DNSSEC Apps and APIs

Since significant infrastructure components now support DNSSEC, learn how end user applications benefit from DNSSEC today and in the future.

Presented by:

Matt Larson, VeriSign 

DNSSEC Applications: Troubleshooting Tools

Russ Mundy, Sparta

Beyond Infrastructure

3:00 pm: DNS-7: New Tools From Vendors: Deployment Options

Vendors with hardware and software solutions describe what’s available for DNSSEC deployment.

Presented by:

Steve Crocker (Moderator), Shinkuro and ICANN
Mark Beckett, Secure64 

Secure 64

William Dixon, Microsoft


James Galvin, Afilias


Victor Danevich, Infoblox


Nathan Myer, F5 Networks 

F5 Networks

Bruce Van Nice, Nominum


Suzanne Woolf, Internet Systems Corporation