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Administrative Update: Web site migration completed, mailing list still to do

As we mentioned previously, the DNSSEC Deployment Initiative website and mailing list are in the process of being moved to hardware running on the Internet Society’s infrastructure.  The migration of the web site has now been completed.  To be sure you are seeing the new site, you should now see a “Deploy360”  logo in the right navigation bar.  If you don’t, you are still seeing the old site, but should see the new site soon.

You can also now comment without logging into the site.  We’ll be making a number of other smaller back-end changes to the site… but you shouldn’t notice any of those.

If you do see anything strange happening with the website, please email me at [email protected].

The [email protected] mailing list still needs to be moved to ISOC’s infrastructure.  That change will be happening sometime in the next few weeks.

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Administrative Update: Web site migrating to a new server

FYI, over the next few days we plan to be migrating this DNSSEC Deployment Initiative website to a new server on infrastructure supported by the Internet Society. During that time we don’t expect there to be any service disruptions, but for a brief period of time during the actual migration you may experience an issue with the validity of the TLS/SSL certificate as we switch to using a new certificate.

Please note that the “[email protected]” email discussion list will also be migrated to a new mailing list server.  While the address of the list will stay the same, the underlying SMTP headers will change by virtue of the move to a new server.  If you are a subscriber and are filtering or white-listing messages based on various SMTP headers, you may want to plan to update those filtering/white-listing rules once the list is migrated.

We will post an update when the migration has been completed.

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DNSSEC Roadmap

The DNSSEC Roadmap, prepared in February 2013 for the Department of Homeland Security’s DNSSEC Deployment Initiative, lays out a vision for where the Initiative should go and describes next steps that various actors should take to realize a world in which every zone is signed and every query is checked. It describes the state of the art of DNSSEC deployment in the U.S. and beyond, and includes pointers toward tools, technologies and strategies that both public and private-sector groups can use to increase that deployment.

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