Administrative Update: Web site migrating to a new server

FYI, over the next few days we plan to be migrating this DNSSEC Deployment Initiative website to a new server on infrastructure supported by the Internet Society. During that time we don’t expect there to be any service disruptions, but for a brief period of time during the actual migration you may experience an issue with the validity of the TLS/SSL certificate as we switch to using a new certificate.

Please note that the “[email protected]” email discussion list will also be migrated to a new mailing list server.  While the address of the list will stay the same, the underlying SMTP headers will change by virtue of the move to a new server.  If you are a subscriber and are filtering or white-listing messages based on various SMTP headers, you may want to plan to update those filtering/white-listing rules once the list is migrated.

We will post an update when the migration has been completed.

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