Overtaken by Events

As DNSSEC deployment proceeds, some of the papers and presentations we’ve made available on various topics are no longer germane.  For example, discussions about how place trust in signed TLDs before the root is signed have become moot now that the root is signed and TLDs are passing up their DS records.  Still, these papers are important historically and the technical solutions they promote may be useful in other contexts.  By placing them here, we accept that most people looking for current DNSSEC information will not be interested in them, but they should none the less be preserved.

  • Statement of Needed Internet Capability, Trust Anchor Repositories.  A thorough study of the potential use of Trust Anchor Repositories was undertaken and resulted in a paper entitled, Mundy TAR Paper. This was produced cooperatively by Shinkuro, Sparta, and NIST and was presented to the Internet community at the ICANN Meeting in Paris, June 2008.
  • A table (PDF) showing actual and planned adoption of DNSSEC in TLDs from August 30, 2010.



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