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DNSSEC overhead examined

Cricket Liu of Infoblox has posted a second article in his series on DNSSEC overhead.  He notes: 

…I’ve recommended that organizations deploying DNSSEC watch the CPU load on their recursive name servers carefully:  As the proportion of responses that are signed increases, so will the load on their recursors. Ultimately, though, the ever-increasing speed of processors and networks will trump the burden DNSSEC adds.  Years from now – assuming DNSSEC becomes widely deployed – we’ll look back at our concerns about the overhead of DNSSEC and chuckle.  I hope.


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Infoblox study shows tripling of DNSSEC adoption

Infoblox study shows tripling of DNSSEC adoption: Government Computer News notes that a recent Infoblox and Measurement Factory study of domain name servers on the Internet found a tripling of zones signed with DNSSEC, based on a sample of 5 percent of the Internet’s IPv4 address space. From the article: “The scan showed that the number of zones signed using DNSSEC—the DNS Security Extensions—jumped from 45 to 167 in the past year. ‘The [DNSSEC] numbers in an absolute sense are small,’ [Infoblox Vice President for Architecture Cricket] Liu said. ‘But people do seem to be interested in it. It’s catching on’.”

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