Here are various papers and presentations on DNSSEC from a variety of sources that we think deserve a read.

  • The OMB Memo from August 2008 requiring US federal government agencies to adopt DNSSEC.
  • A presentation about the history and the need for DNSSEC, given by Steve Crocker at the ISOC Meeting in Chennai, India, August, 2008:  DNSSEC, A Brief Sermon
  • Router/Firewall DNSSEC Testing.  During July and August 2008, Core Competence and Nominet collaborated to develop and conduct a series of tests, intended to assess the impact of DNSSEC on residential Internet router and SOHO firewall devices commonly used with broadband services. This report documents their findings: DNSSEC-CPE-Report
  • DNSSEC Deployment Threats – What’s Real, What’s FUD.  A presentation given by Steve Crocker and the Internet Days Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden, October, 2008:  DNSSEC Deployment Threats – What’s Real, What’s FUD
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