The number of DNSSEC-related videos is growing.  Videos on why you should use DNSSEC, how DNSSEC works, and how to implement a DNSSEC solution abound.  A quick search on youtube will lead you to many of them.  Here are some videos which either we produced or we thing present an aspect of DNSSEC especially well.  Or we just liked the sound track.

  • This interactive e-learning course on DNSSEC from SIDN, the .NL registry, is excellent.
  • This is a Quicktime animation produced by the deployment initiative showing how DNS works, one way a cyber criminal could steal your confidential information, and how DNSSEC can help prevent the theft. The presentation is scripted with English text that scrolls along side the video. A higher-resolution version is available for organizations wishing to include it in A DNSSEC presentation.
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