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This summer: Steps Toward DNSSEC

Afilias Executive Vice President and CTO Ram Mohan offers this Circle ID post on “More Stepping Stones Before This Summer’s Seminal DNSSEC Events.”  From the post:

We will now get to see, before a validatable root zone is published, how the DNS infrastructure will behave as more queries for DNSSEC information result in larger responses. Answers to the important question about how the DNS scales with the addition of DNSSEC will hopefully start to filter in, as well as the opportunity to watch for abnormalities in the system. The final step in the root’s DNSSEC deployment will occur in July when a validatable root zone is published.

Mohan calls on ISPs, TLD registries and application providers to encourage their technical teams to participate in DNSSEC testing as the summer progresses.  Afilias works with .org and the Public Interest Registry on its DNSSEC deployment.

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