Labs around the world enabling DNSSEC

IBM705 from US Social Security Agency archives

In addition to planning for DNSSEC and applying metrics, Government and TLD registry labs around the world are producing tools that enable the deployment of DNSSEC.

In the case of the ccTLDs, these same countries are leading in the adoption of DNSSEC.  The rest of us benefit from their sharing their work.  Following are some of the labs and what they provide.

CZ.NIC Labs (ICANN 44 is being hosted by CZ.NIC):

NLnet Labs:

  • Unbound validating recursive and caching DNS resolver
  • Dnssec-Trigger local Unbound server for end-system validation
  • NSD authoritative only, high performance, simple and open source name server
  • DNS Check DNS server checking and error reporting

Sandia National Laboratories:

  • DNSViz DNS visualization tool

US DHS S&T Cyber Securtity R&D-funded:

Verisign Labs:

  1. #1 by mdavids on July 18, 2012 - 02:58

    There’s also this little tool by SIDN that lets you know if you are benefiting from DNSSEC validation on the client-side:

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