FCC recommendations promote DNSSEC capability

The US Federal Communications Commission‘s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) has come out with recommendations to ensure that end-users’ ability to use DNSSEC is not impaired by ISP infrastructure.  The report is not yet out, but there is a fact sheet and a press release  that states:

DNS Best Practices:

CSRIC recommended that ISPs implement best practices to better secure the Domain Name System. DNS works like a telephone book for the Internet, but lack of security for DNS has enabled spoofing, allowing Internet criminals to coax credit card numbers and personal data from users who do not realize they are on an illegitimate website. DNSSEC is a set of secure protocol extensions that prevent such fraudulent activity. This recommendation is a significant first step toward full DNSSEC implementation by ISPs and will allow users, with software applications like browsers, to validate that the destination they are trying to reach is authentic and not a spoofed website.

The slide presentation (2.7MB pptx) on DNSSEC from today’s meeting is available from the CSRIC III web site, as are FCC chairman Genachowski’s remarks.  A video of the meeting is also on the FCC’s web site.

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