Comcast signs 90% of its domain names; urges commerce, banking domain owners to deploy DNSSEC

Comcast’s vice president for Internet systems, Jason Livingood, updated the company’s progress in deploying DNSSEC today. Noting that the company has signed more than 90% of its domain names, Livingood called on banking and commerce domain owners to sign their domains. From the blog post:

Since 2010, our deployment has steadily progressed and we have reached a couple of significant milestones. First, Comcast owns thousands of domains such as We have now cryptographically signed more than 5,000 of our domains, representing over 90% of our domain names. Second, we now have 50% of our 17.8M Internet customers using our DNSSEC-validating servers. We expect to complete signing all of our domain names and having all of our customers use our DNSSEC-validating servers in early 2012.

Now that millions of Internet users in the U.S. are able to use DNSSEC, we feel it is an important time to urge major domain owners, especially for commerce and banking-related sites, to begin signing their domain names. PayPal has already taken this important step, which we applaud, and we encourage other domains to follow their lead.

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