Mozilla shares its DNSSEC deployment experience

The trinity:~shyam$: Inside Mozilla IT blog shared this look at “Implementing DNSSEC for,” noting that DNSSEC deployment was an internal goal last quarter.  Author Shyam “is the only person on the Mozilla IT team outside the USA,” and walks readers through nine steps of deployment with his tips and advice. He notes:

I’ve never had a chance to work hands on with DNS in a large setup…it has always been “managed” DNS and that was never much of a challenge. DNSSEC was an awesome goal to work on and I had a lot of fun working on it. At first sight, DNSSEC is a little daunting – fairly new technology with a gazillion specs and RFCs but once you get a hang of the concepts, it’s easy to work with.

The author plans on a “starting from scratch to DNSSEC ready” article next.

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