AppSec attendees to learn about new DNSSEC tools for app developers

“Now is an opportune time for applications to begin to take advantage of some of the benefits that DNSSEC provides.”  That’s the message in a plenary session for app developers on DNSSEC at AppSec DC 2010,  a conference sponsored by The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) next month, November 10 and 11, in Washington, DC. 

Initiative partner Suresh Krishnaswamy of Sparta, Inc. will lead this November 10 session on “Providing application-level assurance through DNSSEC.”  It will include information on:

  • A Firefox browser extension that supports various DNSSEC indicators;
  • An API that has been developed and the modifications made to the application user interface;
  • Encouragement for application developers to consider DNS security implications in their Internet and web applications.

Go here to register and learn more about the conference.

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