EDUCAUSE Quarterly shares LSU expertise with deployment

EDUCAUSE Quarterly has published “Helping Secure the Internet with DNSSEC,” detailing the deployment experience within the domain at Louisiana State University. Authors John C. Borne, the university’s chief IT security and policy and LSU manager Allie Hopkins describe the university’s process and considerations in testing and deploying DNSSEC, and conclude:

From LSU’s perspective, we would very much like to see it grow and succeed through a rapid, yet voluntary, sequence of adoption. It’s a pretty solid bet that, whether by regulation or incentive, organizations will feel more pressure from governmental, standards, and industry groups attempting to induce adoption of DNSSEC. As more DNSSEC-aware appliances and applications come online, popular demand may combine with the influence of these groups to make DNSSEC nearly ubiquitous and allow it to deliver its maximum benefit. In adopting DNSSEC at LSU, we have ignored its imperfections. What other solution has a better chance of success? Despite weaknesses, or the many things it will not protect us from, DNSSEC still provides good protection and, more importantly, a basis upon which to build improved security for the Internet.

EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit organization, works to advance Internet issues within the U.S. higher education community.

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