Deployment updates continue

  • Germany-based InterNetX announced it now offers DNSSEC for the .ch (Switzerland) and .li (Lichtenstein) domains; it is the first partner of SWITCH, a provider of internet services for universities and users, to do so.
  • Denmark’s .dk country-code top-level domain has deployed DNSSEC (announcement in Danish).
  • The U.S. federal government announced new IPv6 requirements for U.S. federal agencies, which must “run native IPv6 on their Web, email, ISP, and DNS servers and services by the end of fiscal year 2012, and their internal client applications by fiscal year 2014,” according to Dark Reading.
  • Nominet, which manages .uk, issued this incident report on the accidental release of a new Zone-signing-key into its live zone file. The report includes a diagnosis of what occurred and procedures being put in place to avoid a similiar incident in the future.
  • Government Computer News reported on a new study on DNSSEC deployment by U.S. federal agencies which showed slow adoption of DNSSEC. Conducted for the Internet security company Internet Identity, the study “found that 38 percent of the federal domains tested had been digitally signed using the DNSSEC by mid-September.”
  • Patches have been issued by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) for a DNSSEC-validation vulnerability found in “the widely deployed BIND DNS server’s DNSSEC implementation,” according to eSecurity Planet. Infoblox vice president Cricket Liu said the vulnerability has a low severity rating from ISC and network administrators should simply upgrade to the latest version of BIND to achieve the needed protection.

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