Seeing “traction,” Akamai adds DNSSEC support

In an effort to ” help United States government agencies simplify compliance with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandate to adopt the DNSSEC standard,” Akamai Technologies, Inc., has announced support for DNSSEC, available immediately.

Two options will be available:  “sign and serve” or “serve only.”  From the announcement:

For example, customers that want to fully outsource their key management process can select the “sign and serve” option, which is as simple as checking a box on the Akamai EdgeControl portal. Alternatively, customers that prefer to manage their signing independently can select the “serve only” option.  Additionally, Akamai believes that with its DNSSEC support in place agencies can meet the OMB mandate even if the primary name server (master name server) is not DNSSEC ready.

Akamai Vice President of Sales Thomas Ruff noted “we believe [DNSSEC] is gaining traction with .gov and .org signed and with the announcement to fully deploy DNSSEC by the Root Zone operators.”  For more information about Akamai’s Enhanced DNS service and the new DNSSEC support offering, go here.

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