D-Link adds DNSSEC to improve router security

D-Link is boosting router security, announcing it is “the first in the industry to enhance its router security to a higher level of protection by incorporating both CAPTCHA and DNSSEC to guard against hacking, worms, viruses and other malicious Web attacks.”  From the announcement:

“Unlike other brands, the majority of currently shipping D-Link routers are more difficult to be compromised due to our advanced set of security features. We’re excited to be the first in the market to announce we have taken the initiative to implement both CAPTCHA and DNSSEC into our routers, thus providing yet another layer of security, and we’ll continue to provide our users with the latest in advanced security technologies,” said A.J. Wang, chief technology officer, D-Link.

DNSSEC, CAPTCHA and IPv6 features are available on “most currently shipping D-Link’s routers, with more being updated. Please consult www.dlink.com for availability of firmware updates,” the company advises.

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