RIPE, SurfNet share data on early deployment

chart showing client requests for DNSSEC

Do DNS clients request DNSSEC?  RIPE Labs says yes, based on a look at the RIPE NCC server that provides secondary service to a number of country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs), which answers an average 5,000 queries per second.  The chart above shows that more than 50 percent of queries requested DNSSEC information during August 2010, a month after the root was signed and TLDs began signing their zones.  RIPE is a membership organization supporting Internet infrastructure in in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.  It is phasing out its DNSSEC reply-size tester as of October 11, 2010.

A survey conducted by SURFnet, a higher education information technology coalition in the Netherlands, concluded that “a large majority of the respondents attribute a high priority to DNSSEC…intends to tack action and deploy DNSSEC, most of them within a year.”  The report noted, however, that most respondents did not yet know which hardware and software solutions they would use to achieve deployment.  See the full report here.

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