.info and .biz now signed with DNSSEC

Dark Reading and others are reporting that .info, the seventh-largest top-level domain, was DNSSEC-enabled by Afilias September 1.  The article notes:

…the signing of the .INFO zone represents the first step in Afilias’ recently announced “Project Safeguard” initiative, which will rollout DNSSEC across its registry and DNS platforms. Project Safeguard also includes an education and training program for Registrars to enable DNSSEC in their registration systems for website owners who intend to add DNSSEC signatures to their individual domains.

Now that the TLD is signed, Afilias will activate a “friends and family” period that will allow the public to gain experience with a select group of .INFO second level domain names that have also been signed. Shinkuro Inc. and Comcast have agreed to participate in this testing period. The list of “friends and family” domains includes: afilias.info, info.info, shinkuro.info, comcast.info, and 19 other domains from Comcast.

.info was was the first generic, unrestricted TLD to be launched since .com.

Neustar also announced that .biz, which it administers, was signed September 8; it notes it is ” the only registry to have fully deployed DNSSEC in two TLDs (.US and .BIZ).”

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