Next Monthly DNSSEC Coordination Call On March 24, 2016

For those who participate in the monthly “DNSSEC Coordination” calls where we discuss activities around accelerating the deployment of DNSSEC, there will NOT be a call tomorrow, March 3, as there would normally be (the first Thursday of the month).

On our last call in February we noted that:

  • on March 3rd, many of us will be in transit to Marrakech for ICANN 55; and
  • on April 7th, many of us will be in Buenos Aires for IETF 95.

We therefore decided to:

  1. Cancel the monthly call on March 3.
  2. Cancel the monthly call on April 7.
  3. Hold instead a call on Thursday, March 24, at the usual time of 11:00 US Eastern which will be 15:00 UTC.

Details for the conference call will be sent out as we get closer to March 24.

Note: if you would like to participate in these monthly calls, please join the dnssec-coord mailing list. All who want to accelerate the deployment of DNSSEC and DANE are welcome to join.

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