DNSSEC in ccTLDs, Past, Present, and Future

This animated GIF shows announced, estimated, and actual DNSSEC adoption by ccTLDs from January 2006 through July 2014 as of March 6, 2012.  The map is a work in progress.  We’re pretty sure about the past and present.    If you manage a ccTLD and have a schedule for deployment or have updates/corrections, let us know at info @ dnssec-deployment.org.  We’d like to see a more colorful, even completely red, map in the future.

Animated GIF of DNSSEC adoption in TLDs

Animated GIF of DNSSEC adoption in TLDs


  • Experimental:  We have reason to believe the ccTLD is experimenting with DNSSEC.
  • Announced:  The ccTLD has announced that they will support DNSSEC.
  • Partial Operation:  The ccTLD is signed, though possibly doesn’t have its DS in the root or  isn’t taking signed delegations.
  • DS in Root:  The ccTLD has placed its DS in the root.
  • Operational :  The ccTLD is signed, its DS is in the root, and it is taking signed delegations.


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