A Christmas goat shows uptick in DNSSEC usage

Writing in CircleID,  Interlan CTO Torbjörn Eklöv described a novel test of DNSSEC in The Christmas Goat, IPv6 and DNSSEC — Second Season. His company was asked for the second year in a row to assist with load share in the live-streaming of the famous Christmas Goat display in Gävle, Sweden, a task that allowed him to compare IPv6 usage and DNSSEC validation from visitors to the site. Starting on November 27,

we were able find out that both usage of native IPv6 and DNSSEC validation have increased quite a lot this year. The native IPv6 users increased from 0.1% to 0.5% and the DNSSEC validation from 44% to 72%.

The test, and the goat, had an untimely end when the goat burned down on December 2. “But with the experience from the test last year, and this year, I only need few days to get quite an accurate percentage of the use of IPv6 and DNSSEC from the visitors. This year I did a check after two days, last year I checked several times and the result was surprisingly correct after only a few days,” he reports.


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