New report looks at DNSSEC deployment in UK, EU

A new report from InterConnect Communications compares the United Kingdom’s progress in deploying DNSSEC with that of European Union member states and other G20 nations. The report also looks at the progress of UK registry Nominet, compared to other national registries in DNSSEC deployment, and identifies technical and economic barriers to deployment, as well as barriers preventing adoption and deployment by UK hosting providers, Internet Service Providers and businesses. From the report:

 The crucial barrier to DNSSEC deployment in the UK is an economic and commercial one: lack of concrete demand in commercial settings. The UK is now in a position to see if a small set of early adopters will lead to the critical mass necessary for ISPs, hosting companies and registrars to begin offering DNSSEC related services and products.

The report also concludes that “The UK is the second largest Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) in Europe and is now ready for wide-scale production deployment of DNSSEC for .UK domain holders. Amongst G20 nations, the UK is also the second largest of the signed zones ready for production.”

The 52-page report offers extensive analysis of UK and European deployment and corporate adoption of the protocols as well as comparative data from G20 nations.

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