Blog urges email admins to look beyond websites, use DNSSEC to secure email certificates

The Email Admin blog urged organizations to consider DNSSEC as a solution to some of the most pressing email problems, from span and phishing to creating private emails. In this post, it noted how email administrators could benefit from widespread deployment of DNSSEC:

What’s good about DNSSEC is that it can be used beyond just authenticating website traffic. That Internet-wide authentication database created by the technology could also be used to authenticate email certificates. Those certificates would go a long way in reducing spam, muzzling phishing attacks and enabling private email—email that’s encrypted and can only be decrypted by its intended recipient. In order for that to happen, however, DNSSEC needs to be adopted throughout the cyberspace food chain—from those at the top of the domain structure to the ISPs to the browser and client makers.


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