Internet leaders share concerns about PROTECT IP Act DNS filtering

Five leading Internet security have written a whitepaper detailing their concern that an intellectual property bill under consideration in the U.S. Senate would undermine the efficacy of DNSSEC through its mandates for domain name system filtering.

Steve Crocker of Shinkuro; David Dagon of Georgia Tech; Dan Kaminsky of DKH; Danny McPherson of Verisign; and Paul Vixie of the Internet Systems Consortium co-authored the whitepaper to detail their concerns about the Senate bill 978, the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011 (“PROTECT IP Act”).  The authors note that the legislation’s requirements are in conflict with current DNSSEC deployment efforts:

The U.S. Government and private industry have identified DNSSEC as a key part of a wider cyber security strategy, and many private, military, and governmental networks have invested in DNSSEC technologies. If implemented, this section of the PROTECT IP Act would weaken this important effort to improve Internet security. It would enshrine and institutionalize the very network manipulation that DNSSEC must fight in order to prevent cyberattacks and other malevolent behavior on the global Internet, thereby exposing networks and users to increased security and privacy risks

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