JPRS deploys DNSSEC in .jp

Japan Registry Services (JPRS) announced January 16 that it has deployed DNSSEC in the .jp country-code top-level domain. The announcement outlined the registry’s deployment process:

JPRS considers that DNSSEC can effectively prevent the security threats caused by bogus DNS responses. Based on this understanding, it has introduced the specifications in Japan and performed testbeds and demonstrations in cooperation with the DNS operators at home and abroad with an aim to deploy DNSSEC. On October 17, 2010, JPRS started signing the JP zone and registered the key information (DS resource record) of the JP zone in the root on December 10, 2010. After confirming that the JP zone was properly validated by the root zone key as a trust point, and that existing DNS infrastructures were not adversely affected, JPRS has completed the deployment of DNSSEC in the JP domain name service this time.

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