JPRS sets DNSSEC deployment for early 2011

Japan’s registry service, JPRS, has announced it will introduce DNSSEC in .jp domain name services in mid-January 2011.  It noted:

JPRS regards DNSSEC as the most effective and feasible current solution against the security threats caused by frauds of DNS responses. Based on this view, JPRS has researched and developed the method of implementing DNSSEC into large-scale zones, while discussing operational technology and roadmap toward diffusion through collaboration with DNS-related parties from home and abroad.

At present, we are conducting tests and reviews of specifications in order to implement DNSSEC, as well as performing technological evaluation with a wide range of DNS-related parties listed below.

In addition to deploying DNSSEC in .jp and the domain name services it provides, JPRS will be “conducting promotional and educational activities and providing information to different DNS-related parties categorized as follows.”

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