International deployment steps up as IETF meets in Beijing

 IETF convened in Beijing, China, and DNSSEC’s deployment in Asian nations took center stage, including these steps forward:

  • Afilias will collaborate with .asia to bring DNSSEC implementation to the domain. The DotAsia Organization oversees the “.Asia” top-level Internet domain name, and is a regional consortium that includes .cn (China), .jp (Japan), .kr (Korea), .in (India), .nz (New Zealand), and .ph (Philippines),  as well as the regional Internet organizations APNIC, APNG, APCERT, PAN and APTLD.
  • DNSSEC is enabled for India’s .in top-level domain, Afilias announced.  The .in TLD represents more than 700,000 domains.
  • AFNIC announced that the .wf top-level domain for the South Pacific island territory Wallis and Futuna has been signed with DNSSEC.

In other news, the registry for .eu top level domains (TLDs) EURid reports that 87% of the world’s TLD internet operators have yet to deploy DNSSEC.

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