9 leaders weigh in on significance of DNSSEC deployment

dnssec.net has published the views of nine top executives and organizations on “DNSSEC Advantage: Reasons for deploying DNSSEC.”  Each viewpoint includes a look at the significance of steps leading toward deployment and asks questions about what lies in the future.

The series includes contributions from:

  • Jeremy Hitchcock,CEO, Dyn, Inc.
  • Warren Adelman, President and Chief Operating Officer, The GoDaddy Group
  • Olaf Kolkman, Director, NLNet Labs
  • Roland van Rijswijk, Technical Product Manager, SURFnet
  • Paul Vixie, President, Internet Systems Consortium
  • Anne-Marie Eklund Lowinder, Quality and Security Manager, .SE
  • Mark Beckett, Vice President of Marketing, Secure64 Software Corp.
  • Ron Aitchison, Author, Pro DNS and BIND
  • European Network and Infomation Security Agency (ENISA)

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