SIDN implements DNSSEC in .nl

Picture of Twitter post: "I felt a disturbance in the force: dig +dnssec DNSKEY nl"

Twitter post by @miekg

SIDN has announced that it has implemented DNSSEC in .nl, the world’s third-largest country code top-level domain. The announcement describes next steps:

Early [in] October, SIDN will be offering registrants who have experience of using DNSSEC the opportunity to provide ‘trust anchors’ for their domain names. The small number of anchors involved will then be added to the .nl zone file by SIDN. This Friends and Fans Programme will continue until it is possible to secure all .nl domain names using DNSSEC. SIDN intends to pursue the gradual further rollout of DNSSEC with a view to guaranteeing the availability of the .nl zone. The whole process should be complete before the end of 2011.

SIDN CEO Roelof Meijer said, “After .org, ours is the second biggest zone to successfully implement DNSSEC. We waited until the root had been signed before going ahead, so that no interim solutions were needed and we could sign the entire chain in one go. We felt that this was the most efficient and secure way of bringing DNSSEC to the .nl zone.”

The Xlerance worldwide map of DNSSEC deployment has been updated to reflect the news.

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