Black Hat highlights DNSSEC progress

In this news conference last week at Black Hat, ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom joined Recursion Ventures chief scientist Dan Kaminsky  and Mark McLaughlin, President and CEO of Verisign to discuss the collaboration leading to deployment of DNSSEC.  Beckstrom noted:

A cyber criminal can steal your money or your personal data without you even knowing it. Cyber crime doesn’t respect national boundaries…This upgrade will help disrupt the plans of criminals around the world who hope to exploit this crucial part of the Internet infrastructure to steal from unsuspecting people.

(See a related news release here.)

Black Hat also included a panel on DNS vulnerabilities and risk management in which Beckstrom and Kaminsky joined speakers  Sandy Wilbourn, Vice President Engineering, Nominum; Ken Silva, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, VeriSign; Mark Weatherford, Vice President & Chief Security Officer, NERC; video of the session is below.

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