After signing the root, a burst of DNSSEC activity

In the 10 days since the Internet’s root zone was signed, DNSSEC-related activity’s been reported in commercial, non-profit and government circles, including these announcements:

  • The White House called the root signing ” an Internet security upgrade that is important not only for its practical, day-to-day value in blocking a class of online threats, but also for demonstrating that the cooperative, private-sector-led, standards-based model of Internet architecture remains vital and effective.” Announcements from Verisign, the U.S. Department of Commerce and ICANN also followed the signing.
  • Comcast noted the signed root, and announced “the deployment of the DNS root key to all of our DNSSEC trial servers across the country,” alerting Comcast customers that they can start using its trial servers immediately.
  • .org announced that Go Daddy, and NamesBeyond now support DNSSEC-Signed .org  domain names.  CEO Alexa Raad said the move “will take widespread DNSSEC adoption to the next level.”

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