DNSSEC signings and sightings from ICANN Brussels

With a strong DNSSEC focus in its sessions, including today’s DNSSEC workshop, the ICANN Brussels meeting is the site of several announcements and activities related to domain name security, including:

  • The .org top-level domain is the first to deploy DNSSEC as of this morning.  In a related announcement, the Internet Society became the first .org domain to deploy DNSSEC, for its ISOC.org domain.  See coverage here and here.
  • .eu also deployed DNSSEC, it was announced this week.
  • The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority announced it will deploy DNSSEC, testing it this summer and putting it into production in autumn 2010.
  • The DNSSEC deployment world map also was updated.

Today’s DNSSEC Workshop at ICANN has a packed agenda. Go here for details, including audiocasts, chat, and transcripts.  Topics to be covered include:

DNSSEC Workshop
DPS Framework: DNSSEC Policy and Practice Statement Framework
.ORG Transfer Tests Lessons Learned
DNS/DNSSEC and Domain Transfers: Are They Compatible?
Addressing DS Transfer: NSDS
Deploying DNSSEC: Lessons Learned
Overview of Comcast’s DNSSEC Work
DNSSEC Resolving at SURFnet
PowerDNSSEC: A Different Way of Doing Authoritive DNSSEC
Overview of Open Source Tools for DNSSEC
DNSSEC Progress in .UK
DNSSEC Implementation – Julien Adam
DNSSEC Rollout Status
The .DE DNSSEC Testbed
.EU DNSSEC Deployment
DNSSEC Deployment in .PT
Starting DNSSec Deployment for .RU
Completing the Chain of Trust – Lance Wolak
Completing the DNSSEC Chain of Trust – Olaf Kolkman
Considerations in User Interface Design for DNSSEC
DNSSEC: Go Daddy Implementation
PIR – DNSSEC Chain of Trust
DNSSEC: A Foundation for Increasing Confidence in the Internet
DNSSEC for the Root Zone

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