Coverage of KSK ceremony rolls in

Coverage of today’s key signing key ceremony in Culpeper, Virginia, includes these articles:

  • ICANN describes the ceremony in this post, noting “Ceremony participants referred to an extremely detailed checklist and were able to confirm that every aspect of the process was executed exactly as planned. The entire event was video-recorded simultaneously by three separate cameras, and ICANN arranged for the whole system to be subject to a SysTrust audit, a process supported by the archived, unedited video footage and the legal attestations of key participants.”  Documentation also will be published by ICANN.
  • Network World’s Carolyn Duffy Marsan, in “DNSSEC security reaches ‘key’ milestone,” included comments from Initiative partner and Shinkuro CEO Steve Crocker, an observer at today’s ceremony.  He noted, “People from all over the world will be part of the process of creating the key for the top level of the DNS…They will witness and be able to report that the proper procedure was carried fairly and scrupulously.”
  • Larry Seltzer, writing on PC World’s blog, titled his post, “Happy DNSSEC Day: The root is signed.”  He noted, “A few years ago I wrote a column elsewhere dismissing DNSSEC as a realistic solution because of the profound obstacles impeding it. At the time it seemed that signing the root zone was itself politically impossible, but ICANN and other responsible parties were able to alleviate concerns.”

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