Mohan: DNSSEC “no longer pie in the sky”

Afilias Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Ram Mohan urged registrars, registries, ISPs, enterprises and developers to get a DNSSEC strategy in a blog post today, noting that “DNSSEC is not pie-in-the-sky talk any more. It’s a reality as current and pressing as the need to migrate to IPv6…if you haven’t started planning for DNSSEC yet, you should start to wonder whether you’re behind the curve.”  For application developers, he looks ahead, noting, “DNSSEC creates an entirely new piece of Internet infrastructure upon which software developers can apply their ingenuity. Over the next few years we should expect to see applications leveraging domain name security in ways we cannot imagine now.”  The post includes a video and an overview of recent progress toward DNSSEC deployment.

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