Internet 2 Joint Techs meeting features campus DNSSEC

Shumon Huque of the University of Pennsylvania reports that the winter ESCC/Internet 2 Joint Techs meeting featured these talks focused on DNSSEC deployment:

  • In a talk on the .EDU DNSSEC testbed, Huque and Larry Blunk of Merit Network reviewed DNSSEC plans and features for the .EDU top-level domain, managed by Educause; results of the domain’s DNSSEC testbed conducted by VeriSign and Educause; and how .EDU domain holders will interact with the DNSSEC enabled .EDU registration system.
  • Michael Sinatra of the University of California, Berkeley, discussed DNSSEC on Campus, focusing on “real-world experience” based on UC Berkeley’s work signing zones and validating those of others, and participating in a DNSSEC testbed.
  • The DNSSEC Rollout Experiences at U.S. Department of Energy National Labs panel included representatives from the Ames Laboratory; the Argonne, Brookhaven and Oak Ridge National Laboratories; and the Energy Sciences Network (, discussing DNSSEC deployment at national labs in the wake of U.S. federal government requirements.

The meeting took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 31-February 2.

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