Deployment watch: 15,000 Czech domains signed “in one go”

The Czech registry CZ.NIC announced yesterday that nearly 15,000 Czech domains (14,236) were signed yesterday, all at once.  WEB4U, one of the largest Czech registrars with 21,000 registered .CZ domains, decided to implement DNSSEC in all its registered domains, automatically and free of charge. 

The CZ.NIC Association launched DNSSEC in October 2008 and says it registered 1414 DNSSEC-protected domains by the end of 2009.   CEO Ondrej Filip said:  

We greatly appreciate WEB4U’s decision because it will significantly contribute to the security of not only the Czech Internet. By doing so, we also point the way to other countries which are currently launching the technology. DNSSEC is important in particular for those who seek the highest possible security of their information on the Internet. Among these are banks or e-shops on whose websites the visitors often enter sensitive personal data such as user names and passwords, credit card numbers etc.

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