Sharp criticism for PROTECT-IP and SOPA legislation impact on DNSSEC

A variety of individuals and institutions have been opposing two congressional legislative proposals that would impact DNSSEC. Among them:

  • Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt spoke against the two legislative proposal in a speech at the MIT Sloan School of Management, calling them “draconian” and “censorship.”
  • The Brookings Institution has issued a new report, Cybersecurity in the Balance: Weighing the Risks of the PROTECT-IP Act and the Stop Online Privacy Act, calling the legislative proposals “the first legislation that pits our cybersecurity priorities against entrenched economic interests, highlighting a very real social choice.”
  • Writing on the Public Knowledge policy blog, Ernesto Falcon writes about the recently unveiled Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Operation Ghost Click, “a multi-year operation that dismantled an international cyber ring that hacked into four million computers worldwide,” using vulnerabilities in the domain name system to do so.  Falcon, a former aide to U.S. Representative Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), wrote “Hopefully, Operation Ghost Click will show Congress that DNSSEC has extraordinary value to the public and should not be sacrificed for minimal gains against Internet piracy.”
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